• Organic Water Kefirs

    Water kefir is a fermented drink, made with live and active cultures to provide a rich nutritional profile of gut friendly bacteria, yeast and beneficial enzymes

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    Elderflower Water Kefir

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    Blackcurrant & Acai Water Kefir

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    Chilli Choc & Medicinal Mushroom Water Kefir

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    Apple & Cinnamon Water Kefir

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    Orange & Coconut Water Kefir

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    Ginger Water Kefir

    Spiced Orange and Hibiscus Water Kefir

    Raspberry Water Kefir

  • Other Products

    All our tonics and drinks have been designed to have a high nutritional value and medicinal properties

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    Organic Beetkvass

    Beetkvass is a type of kvass, which is a savoury fermented drink. Tangy and earthy in flavour and brimming with health benefits.



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    Organic Turmeric, Ginger and Tamarind shot

    Turmeric, ginger and tamarind have been used for thousands of years for their incredible healing properties

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    Organic Fresh Oat Milk

    Unprocessed, fresh and with a high oat content, our oat milk provides a substantial nutrition boost with lots of B-vitamins, minerals and pre-biotic fibre.

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    Organic Water Kefir Grains

    A symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast.

    For making water kefir yourself.

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    Organic Water Kefir Making Kits

    Everything you need to make kefir yourself at home

  • Testimonials

    "LOVE these products! The beet Kvass is my favourite and has such a great colour as well as taste!"

    A. Kirkpatrick

    “I am new to fermented drinks, having stumbled upon these tonics in a local shop and am now hooked. I feel as if I am drinking a pure organic fuel each morning that sets me up for the day.


    I also like the ethos of the business and that it has been set up by a nutritionist.


    Highly recommended!”

    M. Sewell

    "An awesome energy booster" (Beetkvass)

    T. Arnavut

    "I recently tried @katiestonix an organic water kefir and highly recommend.
    Locally produced, tastes great, heaps of benefits, recycled packaging and you get 30p back when you return the bottle!"